We offer a range of LED packages for both the Original and White Spiral Cellar to enhance the design and highlight the cellar within your room. If simple lighting is preferred we can supply bulkhead lighting.

As part of our installation we can cable to give you the opportunity to install the preferred lighting package or other electricity consuming installations at a later stage.

Our lighting options are:

  • Bulkhead Light; one at the top and one at the bottom of your cellar. Is typically only supplied with Original Spiral Cellar

  • LED spots, fitted in the column shedding light over each step

  • LED strips made to measure for White Spiral Cellar. At steel ring is cast at the bottom of the cellar inside which a LED strip is fitted. Together with a strip at the ceiling of the cellar and under each step, you have ample light inside your cellar and a fantastic effect should you opt for finishing your cellar with a glass door at the top