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At first it is too cold. Then it gets too hot. In Scandinavia we have large temperature changes throughout the year which can be a challenge for your wine if you do not store it properly.  

Wine is a living thing and its ability to change over time is exactly what makes it an interesting hobby. For some people is it more than just a hobby; wine can be a passion and even an investment that needs to be taken care of and treated as a fortune you want to earn from.

A Spiral Cellar is, besides an optimal way to store your wine, also a fantastic eye-catcher in both home and restaurant. On top of that, it is ECO friendly since it does not consume power for cooling nor ventilation. The design is contemporary but the technology is old and builds upon ancient French wine storage knowledge.



Spiral Cellar is cast in concrete in two different colours; grey and white. The grey cellar, also called Original Spiral Cellar, has a beautiful yet raw and rustique feeling whereas the white cellar has a more refined look. See examples of the two models in our gallery and try augmented reality to visualize a wine cellar in your own home.
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When complete, the Original Spiral Cellar will have an outer dimension of Ø2,0 meters whereas White Spiral Cellar measures Ø2,2 meter. The two models have 5 depth options from 2 to 3 meters with a bottle capacity spanding from 1.000 to 1.870; ideal for any wine enthusiast. The bottle capacity for each model is listed in the table at the bottom of the gallery as well as in the price list.



Your wine cellar must to be ordered 4 weeks prior to project start up. The installation can be made in connection with a new house construction or extension or inside existing ones. If you go for model Original, the installation will take 3-5 days if the hole is already prepared and 5-8 days if not. Add 3-4 days for model White.  
See a short video of how the wine cellar is installed.   
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The construction of the Spiral Cellar allows the ground to cool the cellar and thereby the wine. This means that the temperature can be kept steady between 8° C – 18° C depending on the specific environment on your property. A natural passive ventilation system bring in the cool air. The cool air will push the hot air down and through the ventilation pipe at the bottom of the cellar. This does not only ensure a stable temperature all year but also maintains a natural humidity level.



We offer a do-it-yourself solution where you do the excavation and installation of the wine cellar yourself. We deliver a comprehensive manual together with waterproof liner system, concrete modules, your choice of trap door and light package.
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Together with you we identify the perfect choice of model, depth, and exact positioning of your wine celler. Choose a ‘full’ installation or a ‘fit only’ installation. If your contractor will excavate the hole and dispose of the soil, then a ‘fit only’ is the choice for you, which is a faster and cost saving for you option.


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