Are you in doubt on which Spiral Cellar to choose? Or maybe you do not know which room to place your future wine cellar in?
The app Houzz has made a nice and simple way to visualize the wine cellar in your home.
Choose the image that suits your wishes and let the Houzz app visualize your dream wine cellar for you.

  1. Get the Houzz app here

  2. Create a profile.

  3. Tap the icon Home down in the left corner.

  4. Tap the camera icon in the middel under the search browser. (Give Houzz permission to use your camera).

  5. Tap the icon Products in the right corner.

  6. Search Spiral Cellars in the search browser.

  7. Choose the cellar that fits your wishes and place it in your home.

  8. Take a picture.

shutterstock_499379188 copy.jpg