Stair Treads 

As an optional extra for White Spiral Cellar you can choose between three different step tread materiales.
Besides the extra comfort, step treads can enhance the exclusive impression of your cellar. If you have a permanent view to the cellar through a glass door, do consider step treads colour, texture etc. which will compliment your home.

The three types of step tread we offer at present are:

  • Leather will add a touch of luxury to your Wite Spiral Cellars. Do enquire about colour options when you order your cellar

  • Amtico is a range of flooring options. You can choose from a wide selection except from the ‘Spacia’ collection. See selection here

  • Wool treads from Swiss Ruckstuhl. We have specifically chosen the type Flatwool Stripe for White Spiral Cellar. Supplied in the colours grey/black and grey/brown