The White Spiral Cellar is an impressive cellar expertly designed with a contemporary, stylish finish for a sophisticated and refined look.

Not only does it look good, it also provides the greatest capacity we offer with a diameter of the excavation of 2.5 meters which makes 2.3 meters for the actual cellar dimension. Suitable for a significant collection and with wide steps for an easy descent, the White Spiral Cellar can accommodate quite a wine selection. Each of the bins is deep enough to fit a whole bottle with no overhang and the larges cellar will easily house more than 11,000 glasses of wine (enough for a few dinner parties)

The cellar capacity measured in number of bottles can be read from the table below the gallery.

Depth      Capacity

2,00m      1.190 bottles

2,25m       1.360 bottles

2,50m       1.530 bottles

2,75m        1.700 bottles

3,00m        1.870 bottles


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